Jaki preparat zastosować na rdzę?

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What preparation to use for rust?

What preparation to use for rust?

Chemical corrosion is a serious problem that affects all metal surfaces: car bodies, fences, gates, equipment or tanks. The progressive rusting process causes the destruction of the metal coating, its weakening, crushing and cracking. To stop this devastating reaction, use the right rust preparation.

Why is corrosion protection so important?

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Spreading clusters of rust cause the structure of body shells, nets or fence spans to gradually break down. Corrosion is a long-lasting but very destructive process that can lead to complete destruction of metal and steel. Rusty surfaces become brittle, crack and crumble, exposing people to all sorts of dangers, such as cracking frames or bodywork while driving.

Corrosion makes the metal look unsightly and dirty, which significantly reduces the value of vehicles or fences. They are worth regularly maintained and used with appropriate chemical rust agentstoavoid serious, costly defects.

Good remedy for rust choose to its type

Corrosion of metal surfaces can be even – rust then covers the metal evenly, or locally. There are several types of corrosion:

  • galvanic: formed only at the points of contact of metals,

  • erosive: when rust is formed on mechanically wiped surfaces,

  • fissure: the reaction occurs in the cracks and unevenness of the metal,

  • Pitting: takes the form of vast, deep pitting and holes,

  • stress: is formed in places where adverse external factors and mechanical metal tension occur.

Wondering what to use the preparation for rust in the car or on the fence? Find out which type of corrosion you are dealing with so you can make the right choice. On the Polish market you can buy both universal chemicals and specialized rust neutralizers, in the form of primers, lotion, aerosols, liquids, liquids, oils and paints, for use on whole shards of metal or topically.

Universal rust remedies

One of the most popular ways to protect against corrosion is to use universal, multifunctional rust remedies in the car or on metal gates and fences, such as: WD-40 rustneutralizers, WR-60 aerosols or Boll sprays, as well as primers such as K2, Brunox – based on epoxy resin and acrylic varnish (for example: Presto).

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The 2-in-1 corrosion agents, which contain a strong rust neutralizer and primer, such as brunox (Epoxy) and Boll, are also highly appreciated by car owners and DIY enthusiasts. The use of such ready-made preparations saves a lot of valuable time – in order to protect the corroded layers, it is enough to clean them, de-susce and then cover them with the preparation once.

Preparations for rust for fences

Universal corrosion measures may not be sufficient for extensive, rusty outdoor surfaces on backyard fences, handrails and gates. It is then worth carefully grinding the aggregates of rust, and then reach for rusters, containing the active substance: zinc phosphate or use multi-component primedema.

Polyurethane and alkyd ground metals are good means for rust – they are distinguished by their durability and color diversity, they can be covered with rusty layers without the need for additional anti-corrosion primers. Ordinary marine paints for direct rust mating can also be used to protect corroded surfaces in place of ground-enaemals.

Rust agent for the car

What is the best remedy for rust in the car? Depending on the scale of damage visible on the bodywork of the vehicle, the aforementioned universal preparations or specialized products may be used for the renovation of metal coatings in cars or trailers.

The best chemistry for car rust, available on the Polish market, are currently liquid converters, such as: K2 and Fertan preparations, which are efficient and effectively inhibit corrosion processes. After rusting, the body work must be additionally protected using suitable epoxy resin-based paints.

Ready-made or homemade preparations for rust?

Metal rusting is a problem that is constantly returning, which is why many owners of vehicles and plots, fenced with a metal fence, reach for ready-made chemical rusters in 5-liter containers to ensure the stock of the preparation and be able to use it if necessary. Such finished products are an efficient and proven solution.

Proponents of eco-friendly solutions, however, increasingly use simple, homemade ways to rust, using baking soda or vinegar for rusty coatings. This method is definitely cheaper, but it can be ineffective for hard-to-reach, heavily corroded or large surfaces. It is worth remembering that a good alternative to chemical rusters is also the sandblasting method and powder coating.