Galvanized meshes

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The lead time for some fence nets can be up to 7 working days.

Galvanized fencing net

Fencing net is one of the cheapest ways to fence the property. Made of high-quality material, the fencing mesh has been additionally protected in the galvanic process, which will ensure its resistance to weathering and rust. It is worth mentioning that the zinc coating is corrosive resistance to non-galvanized steel up to a dozen times higher!

As a manufacturer of fences, we offer a wide range of galvanized meshes in different sizes - both standard variants are available, as well as mesh design according to the individual customer's request. As standard we have 1.5m high meshes made of wire: fi2.5mm, fi2.8mm, fi3mm, fi3.5mm, fi4mm. We will easily produce a fence mesh with a height of 1 to 2 meters, as well as different mesh diameters of 55mm, 65mm and other meshes available on request.