Galvanized panels

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Galvanized fencing panels are characterized by quick and easy installation. Thanks to the hot dip galvanized process, the panel is characterized by high strength and very good corrosion protection, as well as resistance to various weather conditions, low temperatures or moisture.
Galvanized fencing panels have been used in fences of residential premises, public facilities, factories and warehouses.
As a manufacturer of fences, we offer a wide range of galvanized panels in different sizes - both standard variants are available, as well as the construction of a panel of different height according to the individual request of the Customer. As standard, we offer panels made of 4.0 mm or 5.0 mm thickbars, welded every 5 cm vertically and every 20 cm horizontally with a height of 1.2m and 1.5m. We will easily produce panels from 1m to 2m high. Depending on the height, cztery the panel has two, three or four horizontal V-shaped stiffening crimps. V.