There are four ways to receive the goods:

1. Personal collection at the headquarters of the plant in Łódź, Silesia 130.

2. Courier shipping

1. Regular parcel - mesh roll up to 2m high (10mb each or lighter mesh by 15m), poles up to 2m, total weight in one package up to max. 30kg.
- prepayment to the account - 35 PLN
- cash on delivery - 38 PLN

2. Pallet - many mesh rollers depending on the thickness and height and posts with accessories:
-prepayment to the account - 370zł
-cash on delivery - 390zł
3. Pallet for fence panels with poles and clamps:
-prepayment to the account - 430 PLN
-cash on delivery – 450 PLN

3. Delivery by our transport includes fence nets, poles, fence panels, wires and all equipment for installation:

- within a radius of up to 210 km from the company's headquarters (Łódź) costs only 1.4 PLN / km (counted km in both directions).
The minimum transport fee is PLN 90.
- from 211km to 260km - 1.5 PLN / km (counted km in both directions),
- from 261km to 310km - 1.6 PLN / km (counted km in both directions),
- from 311km to 350km - 1.70 PLN / km (counted km in both directions).
In the case of delivery of concrete elements, the cost of transport is subject to an individual valuation.

4. You can send us your courier or forwarding - the parcel packaging service is 10 PLN / parcel, 60 PLN / pallet mesh, 140 PLN pallet panels.