There are four options for receiving goods:

1. Personal collection at the plant's headquarters in Łódź, Silesia 130.

2. Courier shipping

1. Mini-accessory package
- prepayment to the account - 13PLN
- cash on delivery - 15PLN
2. Regular package - mesh roll up to 2m high (10mb or lighter mesh by 15mb), poles up to 2m:
- prepayment to the account - 30 PLN
- cash on delivery - 34PLN
3. Maxi Pack -posts above 2m high
- prepayment to account - 42£10
- cash on delivery -
4. Pallet - multiple mesh rollers depending on thickness and height and posts with attachments:
-Prepayment to the account - 280 PLN
-Cash on delivery - 300 PLN
5. Small pallet for fencing panels with columns and hems:
-Prepayment to the account - 350 PLN
-Cash on delivery – 370 PLN

6. Mega palette for fencing panels with columns and hems:
-Prepayment to the account - 500 PLN

3. Delivery by our transport includes fencing nets, columns, fencing panels, wires and all mounting accessories:
- within a radius of up to 210 km from the company's headquarters (Lodzcosts only 1 PLN /km (counted km round trip).
The minimum transport fee is 50 PLN.
- from 211km to 260km - 1.2PLN/km (round trip km counted),
- from 261km to 310km - 1.3PLN/km (counted km round trip),
- from 311km to 350km - 1.4PLN/km (counted km round trip).
In the case of delivery of concrete elements, the cost of transport is subject to individual valuation.

4th You can send us your courier or forwarding - package packing service is 5ZŁ / package, 20 PLN / pallet.