Forest nets

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Forest net is an excellent solution for temporary fencing. It is characterized by easy installation and disassembly. The ideal solution for fencing a construction site. Very low price and high strength of the grid will also work perfectly as a fence of forest areas, fields, orchards. It is also often used as a fence for motorways and expressways.

In our offer we have nets in three different heights, 1.5m, 1.6m and 2m. They have different parameters, which can be viewed below. Forest nets can be mounted on wooden poles with a slant, which you can also find in our offer.

Construction forest net:

  • Special protection against hare, by means of additional compaction up to a height of 50cm.

  • The forest mesh is designed for quick installation of cheap and durable fencing.

  • It is used to protect fenced land from wild animals.

  • The forest net is ideal for fencing plots and construction sites, orchards and forest nurseries, highways and roads, also as a temporary fence.