Jak wyczyścić metalowy płot, czyli renowacja ogrodzenia krok po kroku

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How to clean a metal fence, i.e. step-by-step fence renovation

How to clean a metal fence, i.e. step-by-step fence renovation

Want a clean, well-kept fence, but don't know if you'll pay to renovate your rusty gate, net or spans yourself? In our article, we will show you how, step by step, you can renew the metal elements of the fence on your own. We will also compare the average prices for the service of cleaning and painting the fence.

Where to start cleaning the fence?

When you see numerous clusters of rust, stains, moss or discoloration on your fence, do not wait for metal or steel surfaces to completely corrode and lose their original appearance. You can refresh the contaminated coating in a few simple steps – for this you should stock up on some basic products and tools.

For cleaning the fence before painting, you need: low and high granulation sandpaper, wire brush, cotton cloth, degreasing preparation (for example, extraction gasoline) and anti-corrosion chemical. It is also worth stocking up on a grinder, drill, pressure washer and a gun for the pressurized application of chemical preparations and paints.

Cleaning the net, spans and gates from rust

Clean the gate and fence before painting plan on a windless, dry, spring or autumn day when the outside temperature is between 10-18 degrees Celsius. Remember that most anti-corrosion preparations and paints for metal well size in such conditions.

So how to remove the old paint from the metal fence? Start your work with pre-treatment with sandpaper. To speed up its pace, you can use an angle grinder or a drill with a wire brush installed on it. Carefully wipe the cleaned coatings with a soft cloth to remove the accumulated dust, then de-sour the metal with gasoline or other metal or steel preparation.

Fence renovation – painting

Clean, degreased surfaces cover with an anti-rust preparation or paint with a one-component anti-corrosion and decorative emulsion that protects the metal, while giving it an intense color and shine. An alternative to single-component products are primers and topcoat, applied in stages, at several hours intervals.

Paint the fence by hand: with a roller or brush, for larger and hard-to-reach surfaces using a pressure gun or spray to evenly, precisely cover the metal. When coating metal coatings with paint, make sure that its layers are not too thick, because excessive amount will slow down the drying process, there will be dries and the effect of flaking.

ocynk w spray antykorozyjny, zabezpieczający

Renovation of a metal fence: alone or with the help of a company?

Cleaning the metal fence from rust and painting it is a time-consuming, tedious undertaking, the implementation of which is easy to make a mistake, wasting time and money. However, if you like tinkering and have free time, learn more about the renovation of metal fences on the website of a proven manufacturer, such as STAL from Lodz, which on the specialized blog of the store tanidrut.com will share with you valuable tips on how to renovate a metal fence, gate or net.

If you don't feel like it or don't know how to renew your rusting fence, entrust it to a specialized company with a staff of trained conservators and the tools used. Fence renovation is a complex service, which is carried out mechanical cleaning of the metal fence,sandblasting, galvanizing, as well as spray or powder painting. On site, the company's employees assess the condition of the fence and then choose the best method of its maintenance.

You can make mortars yourself on smaller elements exposed to rust such as screws, hinges, clamps, stretches with a stick with a brush,available in several colors:

zaprawkowa farba z pędzlem mała, kolor grafitowy

Professional cleaning of the metal fence – prices

If your fence is heavily contaminated, but you do not see traces of rust on it, you can order its chemical washing – the cost of such a service is from 5 to 20 zlotys per square meter of area, depending on the degree of soiling and the specifics of the fence. If, on the other hand, there is rust on the metal, you will receive a quote only until a review is carried out by a representative of the company, who will assess the scope of the necessary maintenance work and the quantity and type of preparations needed.

Prices for sandblasting a fence made of rust or old paint are on average from 30 to 45 zlotys per square meter in Poland, with painting and the service can cost from 60 zlotys and above. The divergence of rates is quite large and they are different for different regions of the country. In practice, the exact calculation of companies is usually presented only after seeing the fence.