Ocynk w sprayu a konserwacja ogrodzenia. Poznaj opinie

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Spray galvanized and fence maintenance. Get feedback

Spray galvanized and fence maintenance. Get feedback

The zinc layer on metal and steel surfaces, such as your vehicle's fence or body, perfectly protects it from corrosion and mechanical damage. When galvanizing disappears as a result of many years of operation, you can apply spray preparations to renew this outer coating. In our article we will analyze what it is used for and what opinions ocynk spray has.

What is galvanizing?

Galvanizing, as a method of protecting metals from rust, has been known since the mid-eighteenth century. It consists in covering the steel or metal coating with a protective layer of zinc, a chemical element of characteristic gray-blue color, which does not react with water molecules.

There are several methods of galvancing steel coatings. Some of them, such as hot or galvanic galvanic galvanizing, require dismantling individual corroded parts and then bathing them in zinc (fire method) or subjecting them to electrical voltage (galvanic method). When dismantling steel parts is impossible or unprofitable, you can use another solution, which is quick-reassembling zinc spray as a primer for paint or ground-enamoly.

cynk przeciw rdzy w spreju, spray cynkowy

What is zinc spray used for and what does it consist of?

Anti-corrosion preparations in the form of sprays with zinc are very popular among people who like to perform minor repairs on their own on the home property or in the car. Handheld zinc spray is a versatile product: you can apply it to raw or galvanized coatings, to your car, to thegate, gate, fence net, handrails, bike racks and other steel surfaces.

Spray barines consist of paint, solvent and gas, which under the influence of shaking dosing the preparation outside under high pressure. The basis of these products is usually a single-component varnish made of epoxy or acrylic resin. Aerosols have a diverse aluminium and zinc content, which affects both the final shade of the coating and its anti-corrosion properties. The more zinc (99-100%), the better the rust protection.

Spray galvanized as a primer

The spray, containing zinc, can be used as a protective layer, preceding the anti-corrosion paint, remembering to carefully clean the steel from rust and dust before applying it and de-it with gasoline. If the rust is extensive, use a reactive primer to isolate it, as zinc has no anti-corrosion properties, but only protects surfaces from water, high temperatures and oxidation processes.

If you have large outdoor areas, such as a fence or gate, use zinc spray formulations instead of aerosol to save you time, money and avoid subsequent problems with recurrent corrosion.

Zinc spray – reviews on the forum

Today, many users of zinc spray put in online forums opinions on the effectiveness of this product and its various uses. Valuable tips are given by both experienced car refinishers, aerosol manufacturers and DIY manufacturers, who test various solutions for the renovation of the fence.

According to the opinion of internet users, spray galvanized should be used only for mating local, small caved and securing adjacent, undamaged parts. According to most people, heavily corroded steel coatings are best sandblasted, powder coated, bathed in a galvanization plant or (after cleaning from rust) to cover with epoxy soil enaema.

Zinc spray – prices

Zinc spray is an expense of several to several dozen zlotys, depending on the capacity, zinc content and additional properties, for example, short dryness, available shades or the final effect (matte, glossy or semi-matte surfaces).

More expensive aerosols, the prices of which start from 20 pln above, do not contain harmful substances (for example, lead) and as a combination of primers with paint, will be used both for the maintenance and protection of existing concentrations of rust inside and outside.