"Goals are a vision that has grown legs" Bill Newman

VISION OF THE STORE – the STAL brand was established in 2007, and since 2010 it has been on the market not only as a stationary place to buy fences, but above all as a leading online store in the construction and fencing industry.

  1. Every year we refine the quality of our goods so that you as a customer have satisfaction with your choice and are happy to come back to us in the future. We focus on customer satisfaction, which is why each subsequent order is often on the instructions of a neighbor, family, friend.

  2. The main goal of the company is maximum protection for years of your land, plot, house, company, field, while ensuring the lowest prices on the Polish market, thanks to the large scale of production of fencing materials.

  3. Every year is a dynamic development, growth of orders, satisfied customers and what is not very important revenues. The STAL brand is at the forefront of fencing companies, we are constantly striving for the Industry Leader.

THE MISSION OF THE COMPANY - these are several important factors that allow you to achieve satisfaction during the development of the brand.

  1. YOU and your needs are the most important!

  2. Professional and friendly customer service from the beginning (from the first e-mail, telephone) to the end (to delivery of goods and handling of complaints / returns).

  3. Continuously increase the quality of products to serve for many years to come. We focus on good raw material, anti-corrosion coatings, anti-theft protection.

  4. Free pricing, easy ordering online, by phone, e-mail - we are improving everything for you.

  5. Continuous improvement of the internal system of work in the company, innovation in the machine park and transport.

  6. We care about the environment as much as possible - we get all the energy from a renewable source, which is photovoltaic panels. From this energy we supply production halls, warehouses, office. We know that this is the future in our country and in the world. We have benefits for both the environment and the financial means of reducing the cost of production, which is emademed on competitive prices of nets, panels, posts and gates.

Our team:

  1. Stal's most important resource is Employees, people form a team and jointly achieve goals.

  2. Together we are moving to the same port, in one direction.

  3. We rely on the most experienced and determined team of employees.

  4. We focus on competent and friendly service at every stage of the valuation and order.

  5. We are constantly improving people-to-people communication.

  6. We do not allow exclusions and stereotypes about "too young", "too old", "a woman does not know about building materials", etc., anyone who has desires, acquires knowledge
    experience, that is, becoming competent.

  7. Men and women work in different positions, and the age range ranges from student to person of retirement age and this is a beautiful :)