Fencing panels

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In continuous sale there are spans with fence panels. Panels are a modern and solid solution for the fence of the plot.

We offer 2D and 3D panels, 3D panels have characteristic V-shaped creases.

They are made of thick wires such as 4mm or 5mm. You invest in the fence once, and neatly, so for yourself in this matter it is not worth saving on a thinner wire diameter below 4mm. In the supermarket, most often you will meet a diameter of 3.2mm or 3.5mm - this results in less rigidity and life span of the panels.

The height of the panel depends on the installation location and the terrain. For example, in all-land gardens, spans of 1m can be used. The plot or house is usually a panel with a height of 1.2m or 1.5m. On the other hand, if you have uneven terrain, plot in the mountains, on the hill, it is worth reaching for spans of 1.7m, which will compensate for the differences in the terrain with faults.

The length of the panel is standard and unchanged when buying it is 2.5m. However, if the fence is not a multiple of 2.5m, then you can safely trim the panel at the last posts to match the shape of the plot and the length of the sides.

Each fencing panel is made of galvanized steel. In addition, it can have a double-protection layer against corrosion in the form of powder-applied varnish. Galvanized and powder coating protects steel fences for years of use.