2D lacquered panels, no overt work

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Powder-coated galvanized fencing panels are quick and easy to install.
The zinc surface covered with additional paint is more resistant to zinc oxidation processes, which is why it effectively prevents corrosion.
2D panels are recommended for professional fencing of office and warehouse and industrial facilities, public facilities, sports facilities and private premises.
2D panels we have in stock in graphite color, other colors can be organized on individual customer's order. As standard, we offer panels made of 6/5/6mm thick bars (two 6mm thick horizontal wires and one vertical wire with a thickness of 5mm), welded every 5 cm vertically and every 20 cm horizontally, with a height of 1.23 m and 1.43m and 1.63m.

On request, we can also organize panels from thicker wires (8/6/8) and to other heights