1. At what times can I receive content?

For pickup, we invite you from 8-16 from Monday to Friday and 8-13:30 on Saturdays.

2. Is it possible to pay by card on site?

Yes, you can pay by card on delivery at the company headquarters.

3. Do we ship cash on delivery?

In the case of standard materials, we send cash on delivery orders, for custom materials made to the customer's request, a deposit is required.

4. Do we transport all over the country?

So we can organize transport throughout the country, these are our transports, courier shipments (parcels, pallets, bulky pallets) or external freight forwarding.

5. Do we deliver orders on Saturdays?

No, our transports are carried out from Monday to Friday in the morning.

Courier deliveries are delivered from Monday to Friday throughout the day.

6. Is the transport unloaded?

No, we only provide transport service. Assistance must be organised by the contracting authority for unloading on the spot.

7. Can I pay with a card with the driver?

The driver can only be paid in cash.

8. How much will I pay for the transport?

Transport costs depend on the quantity and type of materials and distance, for each order the cost of transport is valued individually.

9. Can you send a mesh with tension wire in one package?

Unfortunately, the mesh roll and the tension or barbed wire roll cannot be packed in one package. They are completely different in size and the courier will not pick up such a shipment.

10. Clamps have screws included?

The profile pole clamps are complete with a screw, nut, washer and a booklet to capture the fence panel. In the case of round posts, there is nothing included, it is the collar itself.

11. Do we also sell retail?

Yes, you can purchase individual pieces of fencing materials from us.

12. How do I connect and stretch the mesh rollers together?

Welcome to the article on our blog: https://tanidrut.com/pl/blogbudowlany/28_jak-naciagnac-siatke-ogrodzeniowa-instrukcja-.html

13. What is the height of the concrete slabs?

Concrete slabs and fittings for them are 25cm high, the thickness of the slab is 5cm

14. Do you install fences?

Our company does not deal with assembly, we can offer materials and their possible transport to the site. We can contact the assembly company, which can be found here https://tanidrut.com/pl/content/12-montaz-ogrodzen

15.What is the warranty on our materials?

All complaints are resolved under warranty, we do not provide an additional warranty on materials.

16. Is it possible to purchase on an invoice with deferred payment?

This is not possible, orders must be paid on delivery or full prepayment to your account.

17. How much does a fence cost?

The price of the fence depends on many factors, we make free valuations on fences. We invite you to contact us and our consultants will be happy to help you with your professional calculation.

To price the fence, you need information about the height of the planned fence, whether there will be a wall, the fence will be from the net or from the panel, and the most important are the lengths of the sides of the planned fence. You will also need a zip code and the name of the delivery city to price transportation costs.

18. Can you order a mesh of a different height?

Yes, we produce on request with a mesh allowance from 1m to 4m high. We can also make meshes with a smaller eyelet for individual order. Prices for such grids are set individually.

19. What are the colors of the fences?

In our offer we have the most popular colors (Green, Graphite/Anthracite, Black, Brown)

In the case of panel fences, other colors can be made to order.

Braided nets are found only in the given colors and others we do not make to order.