Jakie są najlepsze farby do metalu na zewnątrz?

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What are the best paints for metal on the outside?

What are the best paints for metal on the outside?

Thanks to the use of suitable anti-corrosion paint, the structure of metal or steel surfaces remains intact for many months, retains an excellent appearance and effectively resists the destructive effect of moisture. If you plan to renovate a metal fence, find out which paints are best to use. You can find hints in our article.

farba do metalu na dwór, zaprawka

What to look for when buying external paint for metal?

It is difficult to choose the right paint among the many different anti-corrosion products available in stationary and online stores. Before buying, consider what kind of paint you need: should it be single or two-component, designed for single or multiple opacity? If you want to refresh the color of the gate – choose a decorative anti-corrosion paint, but if your priority is only to protect rust foci, use a colorless preparation. When the metal on the fence is already heavily damaged, use specialized paints, such as 2-in-1 ground, composed of primer and finished paint.

Choose a rust mating product, paying attention to its capacity in relation to the price. For the renovation of extensive metal coatings, 5-liter or multi-kilogram paints, which are cheaper and more efficient than those in liter cans, will certainly be useful. Once purchased and once opened, paint from the collecting container immediately after opening, pour into smaller cans, and then tightly close them to prevent it from drying out.

What distinguishes good paints for metal and steel?

The distinguishing feature of the best paints for steel and metal is their versatility and multitasking. They are products with a wide spectrum of action, which quickly stop the corrosion process and protect the occurred concentrations of rust, covering unsightly stains with a decorative layer of color, the shade of which you can adjust to suit your needs, choosing a variant from the author's stencils of different manufacturers.

Available in Poland, steel painting paints are characterized by increased resistance to unfavorable, changing weather conditions, typical of a temperate climate. Once laid, quick-dry, airtight layer, on average for 4-5 years effectively resists fluctuations in humidity, high and low temperatures, UV radiation, winds and pollution.

The best anti-corrosion paints for galvanized steel

A common problem that affects all galvanized fences is the progressive rusting process resulting from the continuous oxidation and subsidence of water vapor on their outer shells. When corrosion is progressing, it is worth conducting regular maintenance by painting the fence with acrylic or vinyl paint, containing anti-corrosion pigments.

A good way to get rid of rust from galvanized fencing is also to use a finished primer, a mixture of acrylic and vinyl paints, which is distinguished by the multiplicity of available colors, excellent adhesion and precision of mating even the most damaged surfaces. Chloro-rubber primers and primers will also be used to maintain steel fences.

farba w spreju do metalowych elementów, do ogrodzeń

Ship paints for painting fencing steel

Paints and primers, described as marine (for example, Epirust, Sigma) are not only used to protect the anti-corrosion boat or water equipment. These are efficient products, available in practical, large, several-oliter cans. They can be successfully applied to the vehicle's fence, roof or body, giving them a durable, tight coating. However, be sure to thoroughly de-sizzle and clean the steel components before applying them to achieve the desired adhesion and avoid subsurgeal corrosion.

Products in the form of marine paints are made on the basis of polyurethane resins. They have increased resistance to the penetration of moisture and salt, present mainly in coastal regions. The process of applying this type of paint is several stages and includes: surface cleaning, primer coating – preferably epoxy, and then the position of the correct topcoat, polyurethane or epoxy layer.

External metal paints – forum reviews

Do you choose external paints for steel and metal for the renovation of the backyard fence? Be sure to check the reviews of other users, who on the forums, in amateur videos and on the websites of stores are happy to share their experiences and advise what products are best to choose for the maintenance of steel fences and what to pay special attention to before buying.

Polish internet users have been invariably identifying chlorocauchuk and alkyd paints as the best proven way to make rust progress. Many DIY enthusiasts, wanting to secure the rusting fence for years to come, commission external, specialized companies to provide sandblasting and powder coating services. You can also find adviceon how to apply paint to external steel directly in the articles available on the blogs of specialized shops, such as: tanidrut.com, a manufacturer of fencing panels, galvanized nets and gates.