Konserwacja ogrodzenia: jaką wybrać farbę do metalu na rdzę?

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Fence maintenance: which metal paint to choose for rust?

Fence maintenance: which metal paint to choose for rust?

When scathings and clusters of rust begin to appear on your metal fence, it's a warning sign that it's time to take the necessary maintenance to protect the fence from damage and preserve its aesthetic appearance. What are the best paints and varnishes for rustmetal, what is included in them and how should they be used? We answer.

What is the metal corrosion process?

To know how to prevent metal corrosion, first learn what the process is all about. The term corrosio means in Latin: a bite, that is, the gradual destruction of the surface of solids, as a result of the chemical influence of the environment.

When metal, iron or steel coatings come into contact with moisture and air, the elements in them are gradually destroyed and rust formation occurs, i.e. characteristic brown-orange spots composed of iron oxides. It is the spreading foci of rust that cause weakening of the structure and crushing of metals.

Corrosion paints, their types and use

Corrosion is a problem that affects all metal coatings, and rust corrosion paints are often versatile and can be used both to protect the fence and to maintain the vehicle's floor, handrail or body. The most popular on the Polish market are currently:

– Phthalate solvent paints: oily, medium-greasy or lean, produced on the basis of alkyd resins, diluted with petrol or xylene. Thinly located layers of alkyd paint form a hard coating on the metal, resistant to adverse weather conditions, moisture, UV radiation and mechanical damage. Mixed with a wooden stick, the phthalated paint should be put with a roller, brush or a pressure gun.

Alkyd-urethane rust paints and varnishes: this is a variety of phthalated paints, are created on the basis of solvent, contain anti-corrosion pigments. These products can be applied to metal surfaces with a brush or gun.

lakier na rdzę na matelu

– Polyurethane paints and primer: made of synthetic resins and hardener, used for painting and renovating corroded coatings, they ensure tight opacity of the metal structure, creating a smooth surface and protecting the metal from moisture and discoloration. You can place this type of paint using a traditional method (roller or brush) or spray without first priming.

– Chlorokauczuk paints and emals: based on chlorocauchoic resin, with an admixture of alkyd resin, pigments and solvent, it forms a tight, glossy coating on metal, iron or concrete, giving high resistance to impact, temperature fluctuations and humidity. It is also a popular rust paint for the car,which perfectlyinhibits the corrosion process. It is enough to apply it once or twice on rusty coatings with a brush or spray gun.

– Polyvinyl and acrylic paints and primer: quick-dried, adhesive products with anti-corrosion pigment content are intended for both external and internal use. You can cover them with steel, galvanized fences with a roller, brush or spray, after dilution. To properly protect corroded elements, apply these inks in two layers.

Corrosion paint – with or without primer?

Many people wonder whether to apply paint straight to the rust. This is acceptable if the corrosion is at the initial stage and the damage is minor. If rust has completely mastered the metal, consider replacing the corroded parts. When the metal surface of your fence is thoroughly degreased, you can apply two solutions: decorative multi-component paint for single opacity or separately primer, followed by the right layer of topcoat.

If there are extensive patches of rust on the fence for painting, apply alkyd primers or chlorocauchuk paints with a layer of rust primer in front of them. These products cool down very quickly and give immediate results in the form of a durable cover, resistant to moisture, mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions.

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Best rust metal paint reviews

In search of good paint for rust, it is worth taking the opinion of specialists, engaged in the daily production of metal spans and fence nets. One of the leading manufacturers of this type of products on the Polish marketis The Steel company, whose specialists share their knowledge of metal tanidrut.com on the blog of the store.

The leader in nationwide rust paintrankings, available in popular price comparisonsites, are quick-dry alkyd paints, chlorokauchuk and acrylic emals, designed for universal use on corroded coatings, inside and outside buildings. The advantage of the aforementioned paints for metal for rust is also their efficiency and good price in relation to quality.