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  • WICKET - this is an element worth putting special emphasis on, because it is an accent that ?greets? us and our guests at the entrance. The gate can stand out from the whole fence, so that it is the first to be seen. It can also be an integral part of the fence, and the only element that distinguishes it should then be thicker columns located on both sides of it. An interesting solution is to take the wicket deep into the property, which creates a safe cavnature for us. At the door it is worth planting interesting species of plants in pots adapted visually to the appearance of the façade. The nature of the fence will also give lighting. If there are already lanterns installed in front of the poses, it is worth planning the entrance. The gate should theoretically be in a straight line from the front door to the building, but this is not a required solution. If we arrange it diagonally from the door, we can arrange an interesting avenue of paving stones planted with vegetation leading to the apartment building.

  • ENTRY GATE - the best solution is to adjust the style to the gate. These elements should form an integral visual whole. Its minimum width specified in the regulations is 2.4 m. If you have more space, it is good to plan a 4-meter entrance (for standard premises on which cars enter). In the case of entrance gates, the depth of their seat is equally important. If before the pose from the edge of the road we have a place within 5-6 m gate we can confidently mount in the fence line. In case our property is located very close to the road, the entrance gate is conveniently moved by 1-2m towards the plot.

  • TRASH - the most common solution is to place the trash can in the front line of the fence. This improves our later use and will give the relevant law enforcement services convenient access to it. This is an element that certainly does not add charm to our fence, yet it should be near the gate. To cover the trash can be thought of plantings or decorative mats.

  • LIGHTING - lighting elements are best placed on top of gate posts or under roofs often mounted above the gate. Currently, lamps mounted in the ground are an interesting solution. This makes them invisible during the day, but after dark they give character and elegance to our fence.

  • ELECTRICITY METERS/METERS - these are devices which, due to the need for access, must be in an easily and quickly reachable place. They can be mounted directly to the front of the fence, which is the simplest installation solution. Otherwise, already during the construction of the fence, you can prepare holes for the installation of these devices, so that they do not protrude beyond the lines of our fence.