Beton czy nie beton?

Posted by      maj 9, 2019     all , Fencing inspirations
Concrete or not concrete?


When deciding whether to fence the property, we have to face many difficult decisions, in this article I will try to help in taking one of them, namely whether to use a wall for a panel fence? If so, what kind.

Let's try to find the answer first to the question whether it is worth using a wall?

Advantages of such a solution:

- A very good argument for its application is to eliminate unevenness of the terrain. In this way, we can eliminate the impact of the undue terrain on the appearance of our fence.

- In addition, concrete is a great blockade for small rodents and other creatures that would like to get on our plot by under the fence.
- The wall at the base of our fence also increases the rigidity and stability of the entire structure.
- The panels are isolated from the ground, which reduces their contact with moisture, and this in turn will affect the durability of our fence and its corrosion resistance.

We already have the advantages of such a solution so it's time for a few disadvantages:

" More complex is the more difficult design to make;

Everything costs money and the walling system are no exception;

Pouring of concrete benches can be organized only under favorable conditions;

Finished concrete elements are heavy, as a rule, it is 50-60kg set, which is difficult to transport and assemble.

As we all know about tastes is not discussed, so I will not raise the issue of aesthetic fences with and without walling.

Let's say we decided to make a wall. What type to choose?

- Prefabricated concrete elements definitely tower over the foundation bench performed on site in terms of the time needed to carry out such a fence. Ready-made plates together with ready-made fasteners simply put themselves, there is nothing difficult about it.

- Made on-site wall - we are not limited by the dimensions or shape of the finished elements, we can get the height or width we dream.

I hope that this article will simplify your decision on whether concrete elements should be used.