Panel 120cm. Niskie ogrodzenie panelowe. Ogrodzenie panelowe z podmurówką.

copy of GALVANIZED PANEL - height 1.2m, wire 4.0 mm, eyelet 5.0 x 20cm, length 2.5 m

length [m] 2,5
height [m] 1,2
wire diameter [mm] 4
number of overheals 2
mesh size [ cm] 5.0 x 20
VAT included

50.41 zł tax excl.


  • the quoted price applies to the entire span
  • made of galvanized wire
  • Polish manufacturer
  • aesthetics of the workmanship
  • for residential areas and industrial fencing
  • durability of workmanship
  • high product quality
  • modern design
  • product falling within the tolerance ranges according to Polish Standards

Data sheet

galvanized, grey
Span height
1.2 m
Wire diameter
4 mm
Wire spacing
50x200 mm
Span length
Number of overwhelms

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