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FOREST NET 200/22/15 L ROLL 50 MB

height [m]2
number of horizontal wires [cm]22
vertical wire spacing [cm]15
Densityup to 50 cm
VAT included

227.64 zł tax excl.


  • made of galvanized wire
  • guide wire thickness 2.0 mm +/- 0.09 mm
  • thickness of middle wires 1.6 mm +/- 0.09 mm
  • purpose - for fencing crops
  • protection against small hare-type animals
  • protection against larger deer-type animals
  • the most economical fence on the market
  • lightness of the structure
  • rolls of 50 mb

Data sheet

galvanized, grey
Grid height
2 m
Wire diameter
1.6/2mm ( 1.6mm inner wire, 2mm guide wire)
Roll length
50 m
Wire spacing
22/15 cm (22 horizontal wires, every 15cm vertical wire spacing)
Additional information
Compacted up to 50 cm

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