Tanie ogrodzenie działki rekreacyjnej

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Cheap fence of a recreational plot

Cheap fence of a recreational plot

The construction of a fence on a plot of land is often the first action taken by the new landowners, even before the connection is made and the recreational cottage is erected. When choosing the type of fence, many people are mainly guided by the price to have more resources, among other things, to finish the interior. What are the different types of inexpensive and proven fences? We suggest.

What fence for a recreational plot?

Today, there are many products and fences on the Polish market for every budget. The most popular of them are: fencenets, metal fencing panels,fences from the shelves, horizontal boards or finished wooden spans. There are also those who decide to make a natural fence from such plants as ligustr, thuths, yysy, spruces or bushes, so that only in a few years can enjoy a functional, tight and unusual fence.

If the plot serves only recreation and is visited only a few times a year, it is not worth investing in expensive decorative wrought or gabion fences, but to bet on simple, proven products such as mesh or galvanized panels. You can even use a forest netwhen the fence is to be temporary or will be exposed to damage associated with the construction of connections or local access roads.

siatka leśna na ogrodzenie działki w lesie, działki rekreacyjnej

Fence of the plot and the law

Under Polish regulations, fencing a recreational plot is not currently a necessity. Before choosing the material, each owner of a recreational plot should know that under construction law the height of the fence must not exceed 220 cm from the ground level. Any non-standard forms of fencing, such as a retaining wall or a fence higher than the specified value, require appropriate permission from the old age. Barbed wire must also not be placed at a height of less than 180 cm in order not to expose humans or animals to cutses.

A lot of valuable information about the permissible types or height of the fence in a given area includes a local zoning plan – it is worth examining it carefully, because any deviation from its assumptions can result in a lot of unpleasantness, including the need to demolish the fence.

Metal mesh for the fence of a recreational plot

Galvanized or coated pvc metal mesh remains the undisputed number one among other types of fences of recreational plots. Depending on the substrate, the mesh is fixed directly on the posts stabilized in the ground or on the wall, which also effectively solves the problem with roaring animals.

Galvanized mesh is sold in rolls of 10.15 meters current, depending on individual needs. For example, the cost of one roll of material with a length of 10 m, a height of 1.5 m, a diameter of 2.5mm and a vesique of 65 x 65 mm starts at 85 pln in stores such as www.tanidrut.com. Additional accessories are also needed to assemble the mesh, such as vias, tensioners, cufflinks, fittings and clamps,as well as simple, affordable equipment in the form of fixing pliers, which will serve many years to minor repairs and maintenance of the mesh.

siatka powlekana 10 m plus słupki

Panel fence on recreational plot

Galvanized panel fences or galvanized plus powder coating provide a good alternative to ordinary mesh. They are perfectly stiffened and can be quickly installed on the property using ready-made modular elements: spans and prefabricated walling with fasteners. Land spans should not be less than 1.5 meters to provide an effective barrier against intruders.

The cheapest economic panel with a protective layer of varnish and galvan,with a length of 2.5 m and a wire diameter of 4 mm costs in the range of 50-60 zlotys. Of course, you can also choose wires slightly thinner, like 3.2 mm (priced about 45 PLN), but over the years they can be subjected to adverse factors such as wind, moisture, temperature fluctuations or accidental impacts. It is worth remembering that panel fences are rarely temporary, so the more they should have a thicker wire – 4 mm.

ogrodzenie panelowe

Fence of garden plot

Galvanized panels are also great as a garden fence. They are economical and among the many options you can choose aesthetic, painted in color modules with a height of 1.2 meters. Such a low fence fits perfectly on a small agricultural plot with a gazebo or shed and it costs about 50 – 58 zlotys, depending on the amount and type of anti-corrosion layer and wire diameter.

In addition to metal fences, wooden frames or horizontal planks are popular for fencing garden plots, which form an openwork aesthetic barrier around the property. However, the purchase and installation of wooden elements is quite expensive – one 1.2 m high locket costs an average of 4.8 – 5 zlotys, and to this should also be added posts, locks, nails and protective preparations. In subsequent years of use, such a fence will require regular impregnation, unless more expensive but more durable metal or plastic cutlery is used instead.