Jak zrobić kojec dla psa?

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How to make a pen for a dog?

How to make a pen for a dog?

Currently, many owners of private premises decide to take a dog - a pet and a watchman, who alerts the hosts in an emergency, that is, the entry of unwanted guests into the area. Quadrupeds staying outside the house should stay in a comfortable, spacious yard. From our article you will learn how to make a dog pen cheaply.

Building a pen for a dog – where to start?

Do you have a dog but don't want him to live at home with you? Please note that the construction of the pen is your responsibility under Art. 9. According to its provisions, each pet owner is obliged to provide them with a room to freely change the position of the body, with access to sunlight. Tying a dog for more than 12 hours results in a fine or detention.

Each responsible owner of the quadruped is obliged to design and make a shelter for him. A dog pen for a self-made dog must not be less than 15 m² for dogs over 65 cm at the withers, as well as 12 m² of tetrapods between 51 and 65 cm at the withers. In the case of the smallest animals, less than 50 cm, this area must not be less than 9 m².

What to make a pen for a dog?

Wondering where to start building a pen? Be sure to plan a place for the dog away from the busy road, because noise causes stress and various types of disorders of the development of quadrupeds. Materials for the pen should be durable and easy to maintain, so boards, plastics, sheet metal, papa and a fence – galvanized mesh – are used to create modern pens.

Not sure how to make a wooden box for a dog? Remember that hard wood of larch, beech, pine or ash, in the form of heblated, impregnated boards, is great for building protection. They form a frame, then encapsuched on all sides, preserving the space for the window opening and output. Boards can also take the form of a finished scarf, which greatly accelerates the stage of construction of walls. As a canopy, you will be covered with a piece of galvanized sheet or papy – it is important to keep the drop so that the rainwater can run down regularly. To threaten the pen, use galvanized mesh,which will effectively resist both the weight of the animal and corrosion.

siatka ocynkowana na kojec dla pieska

Dog pen – do it yourself!

You can make a simple dog pen yourself and this is a much cheaper option than ordering it to be made to a third party. Building materials are open to the public – you'll find them in every building market and in specialist online stores such as www.tanidrut.com, where you'll choose durable galvanized fencing nets of different sizes and diameters.

Plan the placement of the fence net so that the dog can move freely within the pen, while not posing a danger to passers-by. How to make a fence for a large dog? For large and aggressive quadruplets, invest in the wall to make sure the animal does not get outside and the net does not deform. A good solution is also ready-made galvanizedpanels, which are a functional and aesthetic pen even for dogs over 65 cm at the withers.

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How to make a pen for a dog from galvanized mesh?

Many dog owners make the mistake of completely concreted catwalk for the dog. The animal is then exposed to excessive cooling in winter or overheating on hot summer days, so the best solution is to place the pen directly on the ground, with the lower insulation layer only within the covered room.

A simple dog pen can be made entirely from galvanized mesh. However, avoid nets coated with an additional protective layer of PVC, as tetrapods often bite into the wire, so that the plastic coating will quickly be destroyed – it will not only be unsightly, but also corrode. Openwork shelter from the net gives the animal a sense of security, because it can control the area around it. To provide him with such comfort, make a room exclusively from mesh, and as a canopy use cheap and publicly available materials, such as a tarpaulin.

How cheap to make a pen for a dog?

You no longer have to spend a lot to provide your pet with a decent living conditions, that is, functional and aesthetic shelter. Many useful tips and valuable instructional videos on how to make a dog pen yourselfcheaply, you will discover on online video platforms such as Youtube. There are advice from professional carpenters, manufacturers, as well as amateur video enthusiasts, for whom the design and construction of modern dog houses is the greatest passion.

You'll also find a lot of inspiration and hintson what to make a pen from directly on the websites of the gridmanufacturers – including TaniDrut.com. You can also contact the store staff, who will share their experience and knowledge and offer different variants of galvanized mesh, tailored to the individual needs of your pet.